Our Vision

Functional Performance Fitness’ vision is to become a health and wellness
facility offering our members what they need for long-term health.

We strive to provide a comfortable environment where everyone feels accepted, challenged, motivated, and part of a growing community. Our vision is to continue to provide world-class individualized training, small group training, corrective exercises, and nutrition programs
to enhance the quality of life of our members.

About Natalia Gemmell

I live in Smiths Falls, Ontario with my husband and children for over 15 years. As I continue to enjoy fitness and changing many lives to better health, my family supports me along the way. I thank them for allowing me to work as much as I am changing and improving others lives by sharing my passion for exercising and living a healthy balanced lifestyle.

I maintained my personal training specialist certification for over 15 years with four different fitness Organization; Canfitpro, IDEA health & fitness association, ACE and NASM. I am certified in, Personal Trainer Specialist, Sports Conditioning Coach, Corrective Movements, Functional Movements, Older Adult specialist, Small Group Program Design, Youth Programming, Facilitated Stretching, Nutrition, Leadership, and CPR/First Aid renewed yearly.

With great support from my family, I continue to improve my knowledge in Biomechanics to help with better programming, reduce pain in clients, and increase their mobility.

I maintain 20 to 25 Cec’s (continue education credits) through workshops, seminars, trade shows and conferences each year. I have gained a great deal of experience in transforming the human body, with strength training, cardiovascular training, conditioning and nutrition.

My goal is to motivate anyone who wants to live a healthier…happier…longer life, through exercise and nutrition.

Phone: 613-205-1234

Email: info@functionalperformancefitness.ca